Milo Minderbinder

First Lieutenant Milo Minderbinder is a fictional character in Joseph Heller's most successful novel, Catch-22. As the mess officer of Yossarian's squadron, Minderbinder is a war profiteer during World War II, "perhaps the best known of all fictional profiteers" in American literature. The Minderbinder character is a “bittersweet parody“ of the American dream, both a “prophet of profit“ and the “embodiment of evil“.

Minderbinder also appears in Heller's late sequel Closing Time. In the 1970 film adaptation of Catch-22 the Minderbinder character is portrayed by Jon Voight.

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Milo Minderbinder - Literary Significance
... Likewise, Heller created Minderbinder's famous saying "What's good for Milo Minderbinder, is good for the country" (insert Syndicate or M M Enterprises for Milo Minderbinder) as a parody of Charles E ... example of the military-industrial complex, which the Minderbinder character well represents ... According to Heller, he modelled the character traits of Minderbinder - fast-talking, self-promoting, thoroughly conscienceless - after his Coney Island ...
List Of Catch-22 Characters - Significant Characters
... Milo Minderbinder Further information Milo Minderbinder First Lieutenant Milo Minderbinder is the mess officer at the U.S ... Milo is a satire of the modern businessman, and beyond that is the living representation of capitalism, as he has no allegiance to any country, person or principle unless it pays him and profit is generated ... Milo even begins contracting missions for the Germans, fighting on both sides in the battle at Orvieto and bombing his own squadron ...