Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy - Present


The Milltown Institute discontinued their teaching and research programmes in the Spring of 2011 and, effectively, closed. After Jesuit founded, University College Dublin rejected Milltown's approaches it is anticipated that the institution will negotiate entrance to Trinity College Dublin to continue its existence as the Loyola Institute in a centre of study along with the Irish School of Ecumenics. In this likelihood, the current property in Milltown would be sold and a new facility either purchased or purpose built at Trinity College Dublin's campus in the centre of Dublin. Staff and faculty members who held positions until 2011 would, for the most part, not continue within the new Loyola Institute. Conferring of Ecclesiastical/Pontifical and HETAC took place on Tuesday the 2nd of October 2012, with NUI awards on Wednesday the 3rd of October 2012. A new Certificate in Theology commences in September 2012 also commencing is an adult education diploma in Spirituality.

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