Military History of Uganda

The military history of Uganda begins with actions before the conquest of the country by the British Empire. After the British conquered the country, there were various actions, including in 1887, and independence was granted in 1962. After independence, Uganda was plagued with a series of conflicts, most rooted in the problems caused by colonialism. Like many African nations, Uganda had to endure a series of Civil Wars and coups. In recent years the Uganda People's Defence Force has become involved in peacekeeping operations for the African Union and the United Nations.

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Military History Of Uganda - Under Museveni (1986-ongoing) - Peacekeeping
... The Ugandan Military has been active in many international peacekeeping missions with both the African Union and the United Nations ... Uganda was among the many African nations that have deployed troops as part of the African Union Mission in Sudan, established in 2004 to provide for security and peacekeeping in the Darfur region ... in the region during the Somalian Civil War, is General Levi Karuhanga from Uganda ...

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