Mike Morris (physicist)

Mike Morris (physicist)

Mike Morris, aka Michael S. Morris, is a physics professor at Butler University. He earned a PhD in physics from Caltech under the supervision of Kip Thorne. Among his nine published peer-reviewed papers, his most notable theoretical contribution is his pioneering analysis of time travel through traversable wormholes, coauthored in 1987 with Kip Thorne, and Uri Yertsever. Kip Thorne tells the story of this discovery in his 1995 book Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy. Mike Morris is a Usenetter known in that medium for lengthy discussions on rec.arts.books, mainly concerned with his advocacy of scientific realism and Classical Liberalism, punctuated by occasional apologetics for conspicuous consumption, as well as his advocacy of homeschooling on misc.education, misc.education.home-school.misc, and misc.education.home-school.Christian .

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