Microsoft Source Profiler

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List Of File Formats (alphabetical) - P
... Description Used by P Database PROGRESS source code PROGRESS P PASCAL source code file P Parser source code file P Picture file APPLAUSE P Rea-C-Time application ... Parity Archive v2 PART Part of a download file PAS Pascal language source Borland Pascal PAT Gravis Ultrasound Patch Convert (c) Villena PAT Hatch ... Publisher for Windows PBA Powerbasic BASIC source code Genus PBD Phone book FaxNOW! - Faxit PBD Molecule (protein data bank) PBI Powerbasic ...

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    Man is a stream whose source is hidden. Our being is descending into us from we know not whence. The most exact calculator has no prescience that somewhat incalculable may not balk the very next moment. I am constrained every moment to acknowledge a higher origin for events than the will I call mine.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)