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"And if there's anybody along the way there listening in, just give us five minutes more" - O'Hehir saving the 1947 Polo Grounds Final for all the Irish listeners

"Ring in front of the goal is going through. He steadies himself, he takes a shot. It's blocked by Art Foley and it's cleared out by Art Foley. Oh, a great clearance there by Art Foley" - O'Hehir's description of Art Foley's famous save in the final moments of the 1956 hurling final

"And Tom Cheasty breaks through with Kilkenny defenders falling around him like dying wasps" - during one of the Kilkenny - Waterford games of the late 1950s or early 1960s

"And it looks like there’s a bit of a schemozzle in the parallelogram" - O'Hehir's ubiquitous euphemism for a fight

"The greatest freak of all time" - after Mikey Sheehy lobs the ball into the goal while Dublin goalkeeper, Paddy Cullen is arguing with the referee

"And it looks as if they were winning the way the Offaly men are dithering and dawdling...and here they come. This is Liam Connor the full-back...a high, lobbing, dropping ball in towards the goalmouth...a shot and a GOAL, a GOAL, a GOAL FOR OFFALY! There was a goal in it! Oh, what a goal!" - O'Hehir's reaction as Séamus Darby scores the winning goal for Offaly, denying Kerry a famous fifth consecutive All-Ireland title

"And the bare-footed wonder with the ball now" - O'Hehir's description of Babs Keating who played some of the 1971 All-Ireland Hurling Final in his bare feet

"And there he is, Alan Lotty. He may be bootless, he may be sockless, he may be stickless, but he is certainly not ball-less." - O'Hehir's unusual description of Cork's Alan Lotty after he discarded his boots and socks and lost his hurley in a collision with another player

"And it is a penalty. And Paddy Cullen, heaven help him, in there in the goal" - during the 1974 all-Ireland football final.

"And the Jacks are back alright and the way they're playing right now the Galway backs are jacked!"

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