Metropolitan Manila Development Authority - Scope of MMDA Services

Scope of MMDA Services

The MMDA is responsible for services that have metro-wide impact and transcend local political boundaries, or entail huge expenditures beyond the capability of the individual local government units (LGUs) of Metropolitan Manila. These services include:

  • Development planning, which includes the preparation of medium and long-term development plans; the development, evaluation and packaging of projects; investments programming and coordination and monitoring of plan, program and project implementation;
  • Transport and traffic management, which include the formulation, coordination, and monitoring of policies, standards, programs and projects to rationalize the existing transport operations, infrastructure requirements, the use of thoroughfares, and promotion of safe and convenient movement of persons and goods; provision for the mass transport system and the institution of a system to regulate road users; administration and implementation of all traffic enforcement operations, traffic engineering services and traffic education programs, including the institution of a single ticketing system in Metropolitan Manila;
  • Solid waste disposal and management, which include the formulation and implementation of policies, standards, programs and projects for proper and sanitary waste disposal. Also included are the establishment and operation of sanitary land-fill and related facilities and the implementation of other alternative programs intended to reduce, reuse and recycle solid waste;
  • Flood control and sewerage management, which include the formulation and implementation of policies, standards, programs and projects for an integrated flood control, drainage and sewerage system;
  • Urban renewal, zoning and land use planning, and shelter services, which include the formulation, adoption and implementation of policies, standards, rules and regulations, programs and projects to rationalize and optimize urban land use and provide direction to urban growth and expansion, the rehabilitation and development of slum and blighted areas, the development of shelter and housing facilities and the provision of necessary social services;
  • Health and sanitation, urban protection and pollution control, which include the formulation and implementation of policies, rules and regulations, standards, programs and projects for the promotion and safeguarding of the health and sanitation of the region and for the enhancement of ecological balance and the prevention, control and abatement of environmental pollution; and
  • Public safety, which includes the formulation and implementation of programs and policies and procedures to achieve public safety, especially preparedness for preventive or rescue operations during times of calamities and disasters such as conflagrations, earthquakes, flood and tidal waves, and coordination and mobilization of resources and the implementation of contingency plans for the rehabilitation and relief operations in coordination with national agencies concerned.

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