Metro-2 - "Underground City" in Ramenki

"Underground City" in Ramenki

In south-west Moscow, near the Ramenki District, there is a vacant lot to the south-west of the main building of Moscow State University. A complex of buildings of the research base of Association "Science" (NEBO "Nauka") built to a depth of 180-200m is the largest underground bunker in Moscow. According to the same source, it is connected with other secret underground facilities, and appears to be able to house up to 15,000 people. A complex of surface buildings was built by architect Eugene Rozanov in 1975 by orders of Glavspetsstroy.

One of the first times the facility was mentioned was in Time in 1992. Its article refers to a journalist named "KGB officer", who claims he took part in the construction of a large underground facility in Ramenki, whereby construction began in mid-1960s and was complete by mid-1970. The facility was named by the journalist as the "Underground City", which was supposedly intended to give refuge to 15,000 people for 30 years in the event of a nuclear attack on Moscow.

In the media, the "Underground City" is often referred to as "Ramenki-43", due to that being the address of one of the supposed entrances to the facility. Ostensibly, the address is home to Militarized Rescue Squad 21 and the 1st Paramilitary Rescue Squad.

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