Metal For The Brain - Line-ups


  • 16 November 1991 - Armoured Angel, Exceed, Adrenalin, Alchemist, Precursor, Nemesis
  • 14 November 1992 - Hard Ons, The Hammonds, Bladder Spasms, Armoured Angel, Alchemist, Percursor, Grungeon, Cyborium, Manticore
  • 13 November 1993 - Christbait, Misery, Acheron, Cruciform, Armoured Angel, Alchemist, Manticore, Persecution, Catharsis, Manticore
  • November 1994 - Cruciform (cancelled), Alchemist, Armoured Angel, Manticore, Psychrist, Epitaph, Cod Peace, Black Earth, Dement Ensemble
  • 2 December 1995 - Damaged, Alchemist, Bestial Warlust, Armoured Angel, Manticore, Psychrist, Superheist, Fracture, Dement Ensemble, Blathudah
  • 14 December 1996 - Alchemist, Blood Duster, Discordia, Abramelin, Superheist, Manticore, In:Extremis, Psychrist, Cod Peace, Pod People
  • 20 December 1997 - Alchemist, Damaged, Blood Duster, Segression, Manticore, Abramelin, Mortal Sin, Armoured Angel, Superheist (cancelled - replaced by Dreadnaught), Psychrist, Crypt, Cryptal Darkness
  • 28 November 1998 - Segression, Alchemist, Damaged, Blood Duster, Deströyer 666, Beanflipper (cancelled - replaced by Dreadnaught), Misery, Armoured Angel, Cryogenic, Manticore (cancelled - replaced by Linedriver), Pod People, Deviant Plan, Lord Kaos, Sakkuth, Engraved, Soulcrusher, Volatile
  • 27 November 1999 - Cryogenic, Alchemist, Blood Duster, Superheist, Nazxul, Deströyer 666, Armoured Angel, Dreadnaught, Pod People, Sakkuth, Psi.Kore, Order of Chaos, Lord Kaos, Earth, Psychrist, Crypt, Dungeon, Kompost
  • 28 October 2000 - Voivod, Alchemist, Blood Duster, Sadistik Exekution (cancelled - replaced by Alarum), Henry's Anger, Cryogenic, Dreadnaught, Abramelin, Pod People, Deströyer 666, Misery, Psi.Kore, Psychrist, Frankenbok, Lord Kaos, Sakkuth, Toe Cutter, Screwface:13, Earth, Dungeon, Deadspawn, The Wolves (cancelled - replaced by Volatile), Chalice, Post Life Disorder, Astriaal, Encabulos, Atomizer, Dezakrate, Third Symptom
  • 20 October 2001 - Dungeon, Gospel of the Horns, Atomizer, Alchemist, Blood Duster, Psi.Kore, Sakkuth, Pod People, Dreadnaught, Earth, Frankenbok, Alarum, Chalice, Hypercenter, Psycroptic, Within Blood, Post Life Disorder, Screamage, Resistica, Clone B, Dark Order, Lycanthia, Hellspawn, Maladiction, Psychrist, Volatile, Deadspawn, Jerk, Hollow, Devolved, Elysium, Tribal Clown, Myrddraal, Truth Corroded, Redsands, Enter VI, Contrive
  • 9 November 2002 - EVENT CANCELLED. Proposed line-up: Destruction, Blood Duster, Dungeon, Earth, Frankenbok, Cog, Jerk, Pod People, Astriaal, Devolved, Psychrist, Alarum, Chalice, Sakkuth, Daysend, Psycroptic, Maladiction, Abortus, K.I.N., Enter Twilight, Clauz, Black Steel, Suns Owl, Contrive, Fuck...I'm Dead, Oni, Post Life Disorder, Infernal Method, Tourettes, Headmess, Hollow, LOG, Omnium Gatherum
  • 20 December 2003 - Damaged, Alchemist, Hobbs' Angel of Death, Blood Duster, Devolved, Virgin Black, Deströyer 666, Cog, Vanishing Point, Dungeon, Psychrist (cancelled - replaced by Kill For Satan), Jerk, Atomizer, Earth, Frankenbok, Pod People, Astriaal, Forte, Fuck... I'm Dead, Psycroptic, Dark Order, Contrive, Sakkuth, Daysend, Mindsnare, Infernal Method, Embodiment, Gospel of the Horns, Tourettes, The Stockholm Syndrome, Flesh Mechanic, Captain Cleanoff, D:Nine, Shatterwrath, LOG
  • 5 February 2005 (Canberra event only) - Blood Duster, Alchemist, Dungeon, Astriaal, Fuck... I'm Dead, Frankenbok, Psycroptic, Daysend, Alarum, Sakkuth, Vanishing Point, Walk the Earth, Parkway Drive, Gospel of the Horns, The Day Everything Became Nothing, Plague, Tailbone, Japunga, Pod People, Minus Life, K.I.N., Contrive, Earth, Brace, The Stockholm Syndrome, Mindsnare, The Deadly, Skintilla, 4 Dead, Repture, Fort, Sebasrockets
  • 4 November 2006 - I Killed the Prom Queen, Skinless, Alchemist, Frankenbok, Alarum, The Furor, Fuck... I'm Dead, Vanishing Point, Dreadnaught, Infernal Method, Pod People, The Day Everything Became Nothing, Shifosi, Anarazel, Minus Life, Truth Corroded, Ebolie, Clagg, Contrive, Switchblade, Inane Eminence, Shigella, Lord, Darkest Dawn, LOG, Whitehorse, Kill for Satan, Mytile Vey Lorth, Blood Duster, Captain Cleanoff, Gospel of the Horns, M.S.I., Earth, Ne Oblivscaris, Antonamasia, Ruins, 4 Dead, Samsara, Choke, Ghastly

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