Mere (weapon)

Mere (weapon)

The mere is a type of short, broad-bladed club (patu), usually made from Nephrite jade (Pounamu or greenstone). A mere is one of the traditional, close combat, one-handed weapons of the indigenous Māori, of New Zealand and a symbol of chieftainship.

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Mere (weapon) - Usage - Ceremonial
... Pounamu was highly prized by Maori and the merepounamu as the weaponof a chief or rangatira, was the most revered of all Maori weapons ... Highly prized, these merewere passed through generations and the weaponswere named and said to possess a spiritual quality or mana of their own ... Particularly special merewere imbued with magical powers, or supernatural qualities ...

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    That the mere matter of a poem, for instance—its subject, its given incidents or situation; that the mere matter of a picture—the actual circumstances of an event, the actual topography of a landscape—should be nothing without the form, the spirit of the handling, that this form, this mode of handling, should become an end in itself, should penetrate every part of the matter;Mthis is what all art constantly strives after, and achieves in different degrees.
    Walter Pater (1839–1894)