Mercyful Fate - Biography - Reunion (1992-1999)

Reunion (1992-1999)

Mercyful Fate reformed in July 1992 and signed a contract with Brian Slagel's Metal Blade Records. All the original members without Kim Ruzz (replaced by Morten Nielsen) reformed and released their third studio album, In the Shadows, in 1993. The album featured a re-recording of "Return of the Vampire", with Metallica drummer, Mercyful Fate enthusiast and fellow Dane Lars Ulrich playing on the track. In the years since, the band has released four other studio albums, with the last being 9. Similar to the band's first run, members have left and been replaced; Michael Denner left and was replaced by Mike Wead, Nielsen was later replaced by Snowy Shaw who was then replaced by Bjarne Holm, Timi Hansen left quickly and was replaced by Sharlee D'Angelo. The lineup remained the same for Time and The Bell Witch EP.

Unfortunately, Michael Denner had also parted ways with the band at this point, to stay with his wife and family. His replacement was Mike Wead, who recorded with the band on Dead Again and 9, and has proven to be a sufficient replacement for Denner.

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