Mercedes-Benz Bionic

The Mercedes-Benz Bionic was a concept car created by DaimlerChrysler AG under the Mercedes Group. It was first introduced in 2005 at the DaimlerChrysler Innovation Symposium in Washington, D. C. The bionic was modelled after a type of fish, the Ostracion cubicus (a boxfish), and also has 80% lower nitrogen oxide emissions with its SCR technology.

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Mercedes-Benz Bionic - Design
... Mercedes-Benz decided to model the Bionic after this fish due to the low coefficient of drag of its body shape and the rigidity of its exoskeleton this influenced the car's unusual looks ... Mercedes-Benz reported a drag coefficient of 0.19 for comparison, the production vehicle with the lowest ever Cd value was the GM EV1, at 0.195 ... While the Bionic had a much larger internal volume than the EV1, the Bionic's larger frontal area made the EV1 more aerodynamic overall, as drag is ...