Menard-Hodges Site

The Menard-Hodges Site (also known as Menard-Hodges Mounds (3AR4)), is an archaeological site in Arkansas. It includes two large mounds as well as several house mounds. It is the type site for the Menard phase, a protohistoric Mississippian culture group. It is considered as a possible candidate for the Province of Anilco encountered by the Hernando de Soto Entrada in 1540. It was contemporaneous with the Parkin site, believed by many archaeologists to be the location Casqui, and the Nodena Site, believed by many archaeologists to be the location of Pacaha.

The site was excavated by James A. Ford in 1958. The excavations included burials, with graves in extended, flexed, and secondary interments scattered throughout the site and oriented in many different directions. The site was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1989.

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