Membership Levels of The Girl Scouts of The USA

Membership Levels Of The Girl Scouts Of The USA

Since 2008, Girl Scouts of the USA have had six age levels: Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador. Girl Scouts move or "bridge" to the next level, usually at the end of the school year they reach the age to advance. They are considered in the appropriate level based on their grade on 1 October, the start of a each new Girl Scout year. There are exceptions for "special needs" but Girl Scouts who are "young in grade" have not been specifically considered. Each year of Girl Scouting is represented on the uniform by a small, golden, five pointed membership star (one per year) with colored background discs which represent level. Girl Scouts used to wear similar uniforms to other groups in WAGGGS. Now a white shirt and khaki bottom is accepted for all levels.

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Membership Levels Of The Girl Scouts Of The USA - History
... Initially the United States Girl Scout program, started in 1912, had one level for girls ages ten through seventeen, but it soon added two more levels ... Brownies for younger girls was officially recognized in the mid 1920s though it had existed earlier ... At the same time older girls (over eighteen or over sixteen if First Class Scouts) became known as Senior Scouts ...

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