Melisende was a popular French name in the Middle Ages, and may refer to:

  • Melisende of Jerusalem, Queen of Jerusalem
  • Melisende of Montlhéry, grandmother of Melisende of Jerusalem
  • Melisende of Tripoli, niece of Melisende of Jerusalem
  • Melisende of Lusignan, great-granddaughter of Melisende of Jerusalem
  • Melisende of Arsuf
  • Melisende of Piquigny

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Melisende Psalter - Date and Recipient
... Through circumstantial evidence Melisende can probably be identified as the recipient ... dates in the calendar are the deaths of Melisende's parents ... The mixture of Catholic and Orthodox elements in the psalter may reflect Melisende's mixed upbringing (Baldwin was Catholic and Morphia was an Armenian ...
Melisende Psalter
... The Melisende Psalter (London, British Library, Egerton MS 1139) is an illuminated manuscript commissioned around 1135 in the crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, probably by King Fulk for his wife Queen Melisende ...
House Of Châteaudun - Monarchs of Jerusalem and Monarchs of England - Lists of Monarchs of Jerusalem
... Melisende and Fulk (1131–1153) Fulk lost influence after 1136, and died in 1143 ... Melisende continued to reign by right of law Baldwin III (1143–1162, crowned as co-ruler and heir of Melisende 1143 claimed full power in 1153 ... Melisende - Regent and advisor, 1154–1161) Amalric I (1162–1174) Baldwin IV (1174–1185, Raymond III of Tripoli - Regent, 1174–1177, Guy of Lusignan, Regent, 1183–1184) Baldwin V (1185–1 ...
Melisende Of Tripoli - Biography
... Melisende was named for her aunt, Melisende, Queen of Jerusalem ... Melisende's parents bickered constantly, and there were rumors that Raymond was not her father ... During a particularly intense dispute in 1152 the family called Queen Melisende and her son Baldwin III from Jerusalem to intervene, and the conflict was resolved ...
Stephen Sizer - Published Work - Contributor
... Prior, Melisende, 1999-03-02, ISBN 978-1-901764-09-3 They Came and They Saw Western Christian Experiences of the Holy Land, ed ... Prior, Melisende, 2000-03-13, ISBN 978-1-901764-40-6 A Third Millennium Guide to Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, ed ... Macpherson, Melisende, 2000-06-28, ISBN 978-1-901764-30-7 The Land of Promise Biblical, Theological, and Contemporary Perspectives, eds ...