Megalopolis (Greek for large city, great city) may refer to:

  • Megalopolis (city type), an extensive metropolitan area or a long chain of continuous metropolitan areas.
    • See also, Megacity, Agglomeration, or Ecumenopolis.
  • Megalopolis, Greece, now known as Megalópoli.
  • Aphrodisias, a small city in Caria, Asia Minor, previously named Megale Polis.
  • Doomed Megalopolis, an anime rendition of the Japanese literary epic Teito Monogatari.
  • Megalópolis (shortfilm), a shortfilm by Brazilian director Leon Hirszman.
  • Megalopolis, the name of a film project by Francis Ford Coppola.

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... Hidalgo in Mexico (almost 25 million) The Megalopolis of Central Mexico was defined to be integrated by the metropolitan areas of Mexico City, Puebla, Cuernavaca, Toluca and Pachuca ... The megalopolis of central Mexico is integrated by 173 municipalities (91 of the state of Mexico, 29 of the state of Puebla, 37 of the state of Tlaxcala, 16 of ... Federal Highway 45 works as the backbone for this megalopolis, which includes 4 metro areas (León (ranked 7th nationwide), Querétaro (11th), Aguascalientes (13 ...
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... Greek Τα Νέα της Μεγαλοπόλεως, "News of Megalopolis") is a monthly newspaper published in Athens, Greece and produces local news for ... It is one of the headquarters situated outside of Megalopolis and it has editors primarily from that region in southwestern Arcadia ...
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... BC Aegialeas 242 - 241 BC Aratus of Sicyon 241 - 234 BC Lydiadas of Megalopolis 234 - 233 BC Aratus of Sicyon 233 - 232 BC Lydiadas of Megalopolis 232 - 231 BC Aratus ...
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... Critolaos of Megalopolis was a general of the Achaean League in Ancient Greece ... Preceded by Diaeus of Megalopolis Strategos of the Achaean League 147 BC – 146 BC Succeeded by Diaeus of Megalopolis Persondata Name Megalopolis, Critolaos Of Alternative names Short ...