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La Grande Armée - Support Services - Medical Staff
... The medical services had the least glory or prestige, yet they were required to deal with the full horrors of war's aftermath ... Every regiment, division and corps had its own medical staff, consisting of corpsmen to find and transport the wounded, orderlies to provide assistance and nursing functions, apothecaries, surgeons and ... These staffs were often filled by poorly-trained and inept men, unfit for any other work ...
Medical Training Application Service - Problems With MTAS - Implementation Problems
... Many deaneries asked non-medical staff to help them meet their deadlines ... It is unclear whether these non-medical staff were appropriately trained to mark the papers, and whether applicants were disadvantaged or advantaged if their forms were marked by non-medical staff ...
Baylor University Medical Center At Dallas - Leadership
... McWhorter, III, is president of Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas and a senior vice president of Baylor Health Care System ... hospital with $960 million in net revenue, and more than 5,500 employees and 1225 medical staff members ... North Dallas recruited 28 new physicians to join the medical staff and completed plans for a neuroscience institute ...
Angus Munn - Biography - Hospital Appointments
1997-2003 Active Staff, Sturgeon Community Hospital 1995-2003 Medical Staff, Capital Health Region 1994 Active Staff, Forward Surgical Team, CanBat 2, Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovin ...

Famous quotes containing the words staff and/or medical:

    Then he took his staff in his hand, and chose five smooth stones from the wadi, and put them in his shepherd s bag, in the pouch; his sling was in his hand, and he drew near to the Philistine.
    Bible: Hebrew, 1 Samuel 17:40.

    As we speak of poetical beauty, so ought we to speak of mathematical beauty and medical beauty. But we do not do so; and that reason is that we know well what is the object of mathematics, and that it consists in proofs, and what is the object of medicine, and that it consists in healing. But we do not know in what grace consists, which is the object of poetry.
    Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)