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Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons V. California Medical Association - Background
... by the national image of osteopathic medicine, particularly from those MDs who viewed colleges of osteopathic medicine as teaching "cultist healing." Leaders of the ... state would be awarded a Doctor of Medicine degree ... Further, those DOs who accepted the MD degree could no longer identify themselves as osteopathic physicians ...
First Professional Degree - Practice
... Professional degrees can be awarded as undergraduate or graduate entry degrees (Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate) ... In Europe the first academic degrees were law degrees, and the law degrees were doctorates (see Juris Doctor) ... The first entry level professional degree to be granted as a clinical doctorate was the MD degree which was granted by the ancient universities of ...
Doctoral Degrees - Practice By Country - Egypt
... In Egypt, the Doctorate degree – abbreviated as MD – is equivalent to the PhD degree ... To earn an MD in a specialty of science, one must have a Master degree (M.Sc.) (or 2 diplomas before the introduction of MSc degree in Egypt) before applying ... Earning the MD degree involves studying a course in the specialization, and presenting and defending a dissertation thesis ...

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