Mayr in a German surname which may refer to:

  • Ernst Walter Mayr (1904–2005), German American evolutionary biologist
  • Gustav Mayr (1830–1908), Austrian entomologist (Hymenoptera)
  • Simon Marius (1573–1624), German astronomer
  • Johann Simon Mayr (1763–1845), German composer
  • Karl Mayr (1883–1945), German politician and officer
  • Michael Mayr (1864–1922), Austrian historian, politician and Bundeskanzler (1920/21)
  • Rupert Ignaz Mayr (1646–1712), German composer (Wikipedia article in German)
  • Andrea Mayr (born 1979), Austrian female long-distance runner
  • Andreas Mayr (born 1983), German cyclist
  • Bernadette Mayr (born 1952), German female quilt-artist
  • Bernhard Mayr (born 1984), German wrestler
  • Ernst Wilhelm Mayr (born 1950), German computer scientist
  • Franz Xaver Mayr (1875–1965), Begründer der nach ihm benannten Diagnostik and Therapie
  • Georg Mayr (born 1841), German statistician and economist
  • Heinrich Mayr (1856–1911), German Forstmann and botanist
  • Hans Mayr
    • Hans Mayr (German politician) (born 1921), German politician (SPD)
    • Hans Mayr (Austrian politician) (1928–2006), Austrian politician (SPÖ)
  • Jörg Mayr (born 1970), German Eishockeyspieler
  • Johann von Mayr (? - 1759), Prussian Befehlshaber eines Freibataillons
  • Josef Mayr-Nusser (1910–1945), Südtiroler Märtyrer
  • Karl Sigmund Mayr (1906–1978), German economist and politician (CSU)
  • Peter Mayr (1767–1810), Tyrolese Wirt and Freiheitskämpfer
  • Philipp Benitius Mayr OSM (1760–1826), Austrian Servitenpater and Professor
  • Rosl Mayr (1895–1981), German female Volkschauspieler
  • Mayr-Melnhof AG, a Vienna-based company

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