Matt may refer to:

  • Matt (given name), people with the given name Matt or Matthew, meaning "gift from god"
  • In British English, of a surface: having a non-glossy finish, see gloss (material appearance)
  • Matt, Switzerland, a municipality
  • Matt Pritchett, British cartoonist, who signs his cartoons 'Matt'.
  • Patrick Matt (born 1969), a Liechtenstein track cyclist

Other articles related to "matt":

Joe Matt
... Joe Matt (born September 3, 1963) is an American cartoonist ... Matt was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ... Matt lived (illegally) in Canada from 1988 to 2002 ...
Game On (UK TV series) - Episodes - Series 3 (1998)
... Title Original airdate 13 "Palms, Pigs And Bad Debts" 2 January 1998 Matt learns palm-reading in order to 'shag girls', although the only one he'll meet. 15 "Marines And Vacuum Cleaner" 16 January 1998 Matt decides he wants to join the Marines and decks the flat out ... Archie brings round his old Marine pals to chat to Matt about it but Matt has had an accident with a vacuum cleaner that Claire is still trying to remove 16 "Crabs" 23 January ...
Newcastle North Stars - Accolades
... North Stars goalie Matt Ezzy was voted "Sportsperson of the Year" by the Lake Macquarie City Council for his 2005 season in February 2006, and was a ... Best Defensive Player Matt Ezzy Most Improved Player Matt Wetini Best Aussie Player Matt Ezzy ...
Newcastle North Stars - History - 2008
... Starting goaltender Matt Ezzy and top-scoring forward Colin Nicholson were unavailable for over 4–6 weeks ... Rookie Matt Price established himself as a top-4 defenceman after returning home to Newcastle from college in Canada ... Stars utilised resident University student Matt Vickers early in the season, along with 2006 Melbourne Ice player Gabriel Andre, who played 18 games of 25 total in the season ...
Matt Pritchett
... Matt had his first drawings published in the New Statesman and his work has also appeared in Punch and The Spectator ... Pritchett, Matt and his wife have four children ... On 23 February 2006, the Matt cartoon became available in the Daily Telegraph podcast's picture window ...

Famous quotes containing the word matt:

    I’ve got to go. That’s one of the penalties of being a doctor. I never seem to finish a conversation.
    Robert M. Fresco, and Jack Arnold. Dr. Matt Hastings (John Agar)

    Hey, you dress up our town very nicely. You don’t look out the Chamber of Commerce is going to list you in their publicity with the local attractions.
    Robert M. Fresco, and Jack Arnold. Dr. Matt Hastings (John Agar)

    Everything that ever walked or crawled on the face of the earth, swum the depths of the ocean or soared through the skies left its imprint here.
    Robert M. Fresco, and Jack Arnold. Dr. Matt Hastings (John Agar)