Master of The Robes - George IV

George IV

  • 1820-1830: Lord Francis Conyngham

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... See also King George (disambiguation) Bulgaria George I of Bulgaria, emperor of Bulgaria 1280–1292 George II of Bulgaria, emperor of Bulgaria 1321–1322 Georgia George I of Georgia (998/1002–1027. 1054 – 1112), king of Georgia 1072–1089 George III of Georgia (died 1184), king of Georgia 1156–1184 George IV of Georgia (1192–1223), king of Georgia 1213–1223. 1561 – 1606), king of Kartli 1599–1606 George XI of Kartli (1651–1709), king of Kartli 1676–1688 and 1703–1709 George XII of Georgia (1746–1800), last king of Georgia 1798–1800 Great Britain ...
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... In May, 1787, the Prince of Wales contritely approached his father, King George III, and persuaded him to provide the money to finish the house ... Many of the finest paintings now in the royal collection were collected by George IV for Carlton House ... When Prince of Wales, George IV patronized contemporary artists such as Reynolds, Gainsborough, and Stubbs ...

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