Marvel Adventures: The Avengers - Issues


(Jeff Parker / Manuel Garcia issues)
1. "The Replacements"
2. "The Leader has a Big Head"
3. "Finding Zemo"
4. "The Masters of Evil"

(Tony Bedard / Shannon Gallant issues)
5. "The Trickster and the Wrecker"
6. "The U-Foes!"
7. "Like a Juggernaut!"
8. "Loki Laughs Last"

(Jeff Parker / Juan Santacruz issues)
9. "A Not-So-Beautiful Mind"
10. "Medieval Women"

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  • "Avengers Disassembled"
  • "Siege"
  • Avengers Unconquered
  • Avengers United
  • The Ultimates: Tomorrow Men
Storylines are listed in publication order. Publications are listed alphabetically by published titles.
Compiled without respect for canon or "current" continuity.

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