Martial Masters

Martial Masters (Chinese: 形意拳; Japanese name: シンイーケン, Shin Ī Ken, after the Mandarin pronunciation) is an arcade fighting game developed by IGS and released in 1999. The game is highly reminiscent of Capcom's fighting games of the mid to late 1990s for its impressive 2D visual and fluid animation with mechanics very similar to those of Street Fighter III. Martial Masters is IGS's third arcade 2D fighting game, with Alien Challenge being their first, Killing Blade their second, and Spectral vs. Generation being their fourth (in collaboration with Idea Factory).

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Martial Masters - Characters
... of the characters are heavily based on Hong Kong Martial Arts films including Once Upon a Time in China, Drunken Master and Operation Scorpio ... Master Huang - He is not the same Huang Fei Hung from Alien Challenge however, they are both based on the real life folk hero Wong Fei Hung ... Monk - A very muscled shao-lin monk who practices martial arts ...

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