Mark Furze - Falcon Road

Following the unsuccess of Mark's previous band name Charger, his next career move resulted in the formation of a new band, Falcon Road, fronted by Mark with Kyle Manning on bass guitar. The band have released a music video for their debut single "Favourite Habit", which is available on YouTube. The genre is rock. Reports claim Mark wrote many of the songs' lyrics, whilst singing and playing guitar. The music video also features a cameo appearance from Todd Lasance, Mark's co-star from Home and Away. Falcon Road have a MySpace and a Bebo account for fans to leave messages on, along with upcoming tour dates and song tasters etc. Currently(July '09) no official website for the band exists. Mark has currently joined New Zealand's glam-rock band Shotgun Alley. Together they have released a 12 track, self-titled debut album in 2011 and an 8 track E.P. titled Damnation in 2012.

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