Marital Therapy

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Journal Of Sex & Marital Therapy
... The Journal of Sex Marital Therapy is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Routledge ... The journal's title is sometimes confused with the similar publication "Sexual and Marital Therapy," which is the original title to what is now the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy ...

Famous quotes containing the words therapy and/or marital:

    Show business is the best possible therapy for remorse.
    Anita Loos (1888–1981)

    Your children are not here to fill the void left by marital dissatisfaction and disengagement. They are not to be utilized as a substitute for adult-adult intimacy. They are not in this world in order to satisfy a wife’s or a husband’s need for love, closeness or a sense of worth. A child’s task is to fully develop his/her emerging self. When we place our children in the position of satisfying our needs, we rob them of their childhood.
    Aaron Hess (20th century)