Marcus Antonius

  • (noun): Roman general under Julius Caesar in the Gallic wars; repudiated his wife for the Egyptian queen Cleopatra; they were defeated by Octavian at Actium (83-30 BC).
    Synonyms: Antony, Anthony, Mark Antony, Mark Anthony, Antonius

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Livy - Life
... the time, a man called Asinius Pollio, had tried to bring Patavium into the camp of Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony), who was one of the three men in the fight for control over Rome ... of Patavium did not end up supporting Marcus Antonius in his campaign for control over Rome ... Octavian gained power after defeating Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra, and was later given the honorary name of Augustus ...
Marcus Antonius Gnipho
... Marcus Antonius Gnipho (fl ... according to Roman naming conventions took the nomen and praenomen of his former master, one Marcus Antonius ... The great orator Marcus Tullius Cicero is said to have frequented his school while praetor in 66 BC ...
Marcus Cocceius Nerva (consul 36 BC)
... Marcus Cocceius Nerva was consul of the Roman Republic in 36 BC, together with Lucius Gellius Publicola ... His family were of Umbrian origin and were supporters of Marcus Antonius, providing him with a number of generals and diplomats ... Nerva was Proquaestor pro praetore under Antonius in 41 BC, and it is assumed that he was with Lucius Antonius during the Perusine War ...
Antonia (daughter Of Mark Antony) - Ancestry
... Ancestors of Antonia 16 ... (=24)Gaius Antonius 8 ...
Claudia (gens) - Members of The Gens - Others
... Marcus Claudius C ... Calpurnius Lanarius judgment against Claudius was given by Marcus Porcius Cato, the father of Cato Uticensis ... Sextus Clodius, a Sicilian rhetorician, under whom Marcus Antonius studied oratory, and whom he rewarded with a large estate in the Leontine territory ...

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