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List Of Kamen Rider Blade Characters - Kamen Riders
... of the series, Tachibana begins to suffer a form of cellular breakdown with only sealing the Undead slowing down the process ... When he attempted to seal the Locust Undead before it attacked BOARD, Tachibana is forced to abduct Karasuma for answers prior to him going into a coma ... By then, Tachibana encounters Isaka, the Peacock Undead, who recruits him by removing his fears with exposure to Schuld Kestner seaweed, an extinct ...
Undead (Kamen Rider) - Category Ace - Mantis
... Mantis Undead (マンティスアンデッド, Mantisu Andeddo?) Statistics Deck Ace of Hearts (Change Mantis) Voice Ryōji Morimoto (森本 亮治, Morimoto Ryōji?) Episodes 35-36 Given the name "Ch ... As such, Hajime uses the Undead's form and assumes the identity of "Kamen Rider Chalice" while suppressing his Joker nature ... Technically, the form of the Undead is how the Rider form appears save with an Undead belt (while the Rider has the Chalice Rouzer), as noted by the Eagle Undead before Kamen Rider ...

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