• (adj): Of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of dualism.
    Example: "A Manichaean conflict between good and evil"
    Synonyms: dualistic
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Manichaeism - History - Life of Mani
... were for the entire world, calling his teachings the "Religion of Light." Manichaean writings indicate that Mani received revelations when he was 12 and again when he was 24, and over this time period he grew ... Although there is no proof Shapur I was a Manichaean, he tolerated the spread of Manicheanism and refrained from persecuting it in his empire's boundaries ... invented the unique version of the Syriac script called Manichaean script, which was used in all of the Manichaean works written within the Persian Empire, whether they were in Syriac or Middle Persian, and ...
Fundamental Epistle
... Epistola Fundamenti), was one of the sacred writings of the Manichaean religion, written by the founder Mani (c ... sections of this book, made by either Manichaeans or anti-Manichaeans ... in the writings of Saint Augustine (354-430 CE), who before converting to Christianity, was a Manichaean "hearer" for a number of years ...
Manichaean Alphabet
... Manichaean script is an abjad-based writing system rooted in the Semitic family of alphabets and associated with the spread of Manichaean religion from ... Unlike Pahlavi, Manichaean script reveals influences from Sogdian script, which in turn descends from the Syriac branch of Aramaic ... Manichaean script is so named because Manichaean texts attribute its design to Mani himself ...
Faustus Of Mileve
... Faustus of Mileve was a Manichaean bishop of the fourth century ... While Augustine was a Manichae, he questioned Manichaean teachers in Rome to find answers, but repeatedly was told that Faustus would have the answers ... Augustine determined the Manichaean stories unsubstantiated and his questions unanswerable by the Manichae and by Faustus as its most celebrated proponant ...
Nostic - Major Gnostic Movements - Persian Gnosticism
... The original writings were written in Syriac Aramaic, in a unique Manichaean script ... Although most of the literature/scripture of the Manichaeans was believed lost, the discovery of an original series of documents have helped to shed new light on the subject ... Now housed in Cologne Germany, a Manichaean religious work written in Greek, the Codex Manichaicus Coloniensis, contains mainly biographical information on the prophet and details on his claims and teachings ...

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