Manchester and Salford Junction Canal - Route


The canal ran for 5 furlongs (1 km) between the River Irwell from southwest of Quay Street, to a branch of the Rochdale Canal southeast of Lower Mosley Street, mostly through a 499-yard (456 m) tunnel. The canal is now dry, and disused, although large parts remain underneath the city, particularly sections underneath the Great Northern Warehouse and Granada Studios. The original western entrance is still visible from the River Irwell; the eastern entrance has been redeveloped into a small canal basin behind the Bridgewater Hall.

The canal used four locks and lifted water from the River Irwell with two pumping stations.

Location Coordinates
Lock 1 53°28′44″N 2°15′26″W / 53.4789°N 2.25725°W / 53.4789; -2.25725 (Lock 1)
Lock 2 53°28′43″N 2°15′24″W / 53.478734°N 2.256632°W / 53.478734; -2.256632 (Lock 2)
Slate Wharf 53°28′42″N 2°15′22″W / 53.478416°N 2.256148°W / 53.478416; -2.256148 (Slate Wharf)
Transhipment Dock 53°28′37″N 2°14′58″W / 53.476848°N 2.249349°W / 53.476848; -2.249349 (Transhipment Dock)
Lock 3 53°28′35″N 2°14′54″W / 53.476445°N 2.248293°W / 53.476445; -2.248293 (Lock 3)
Lock 4 53°28′35″N 2°14′53″W / 53.476396°N 2.247946°W / 53.476396; -2.247946 (Lock 4)
Stop Lock 53°28′33″N 2°14′45″W / 53.475716°N 2.245764°W / 53.475716; -2.245764 (Stop Lock)
Bridgewater Hall Basin 53°28′32″N 2°14′43″W / 53.475582°N 2.245167°W / 53.475582; -2.245167 (Bridgewater Hall Basin)

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