Major Major Major

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Chaplain Tappman - C.I.D. Investigation
... dispatched to the squadron are convinced that the Chaplain has been intercepting Major Major Major Major's mail and signing documents Washington Irving or ... Later on, Major Major Major Major begins signing those names to official documents, after he discovers that when he does, he never sees them again ...
Major Major Major Major
... Major Major Major Major (hereinafter Maj ... Major for short) is a fictional character in Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22, whose name and rank is the title of chapter 9 ... Major was named "Major Major Major" by his father, as a joke ...

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    Let’s just call what happened in the eighties the reclamation of motherhood . . . by women I knew and loved, hard-driving women with major careers who were after not just babies per se or motherhood per se, but after a reconciliation with their memories of their own mothers. So having a baby wasn’t just having a baby. It became a major healing.
    Anne Taylor Fleming (20th century)