Major League Lacrosse Goaltender of The Year Award

Krauter & Co. Major League Lacrosse Goaltender of the Year Award is given annually to the top goaltender of the season. Warrior sponsored the award from 2001 to 2004.

Year Player Team
2001 Greg Cattrano Baltimore Bayhawks
2002 Greg Cattrano Baltimore Bayhawks
2003 Brian Dougherty Long Island Lizards
2004 Greg Cattrano Philadelphia Barrage
2005 Chris Garrity Boston Cannons
2006 Brian Dougherty Philadelphia Barrage
2007 Brian Dougherty Philadelphia Barrage
2008 Mickey Jarboe Los Angeles Riptide
2009 Jesse Schwartzman Denver Outlaws
2010 Kip Turner Boston Cannons
2011 Drew Adams Long Island Lizards
2012 Drew Adams Long Island Lizards
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  • New Jersey Pride
  • Philadelphia Barrage
  • San Francisco Dragons
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