Maior Arcana: The Words That Turn Flesh Into Light

Maior Arcana: The Words That Turn Flesh into Light is the third album by the Polish symphonic black metal band Lux Occulta. It is actually a compilation of four new tracks, dubbed the Maior Arcana EP and comprising the first four tracks of the disc, and the band's 1995 demo The Forgotten Arts, which comprises the final five tracks of the disc. As such, the compilation is often labeled as an EP, despite being in fact longer than the band's previous release, Dionysos.

"Love (Garden of Aphrodite)" and "War" share considerable amounts of melodic material. "Love (Garden of Aphrodite)" and "Love," despite similar titles, are otherwise unrelated. "Heart of the Devil" is a cover of a song by Danzig, and "Burn" is a cover of a song by The Sisters of Mercy.

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