Mahapanya Vidayalai

Mahapanya Vidayalai (Thai: มหาปัญญาวิทยาลัย)(Nepali) महापञ्ञा विध्दालय, translated roughly as college of wisdom, is an international Buddhist school located in Hat Yai, Thailand. The college is affiliated with Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (महाचुला-लङकोङ-राज- विध्दालय).

Founded by Oou Joo Heng, Supreme Patriarch of Anamikaya (the Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist sect of Thailand) and with supports of the Theravada Sangha, the school was launched in 2002. It is offers high school education as well as an international bachelor degree program in Buddhist studies with a concentration in Mahayana Buddhism.

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... Mahapanya Vidayalai is a recently established institute, under the auspices of the Theravada Sangha and the Mahayana Annam Elders of Thailand ... Mahapanya Vidayalai offers a bachelor degree program in Buddhist Studies, using English as medium of instruction ... Mahapanya Vidayalai was launched emphasizing her objective to cultivate mankind’s wisdom with aid of Buddha Dhamma and to lead them into the realm of peace and bliss ...