Magma Chamber

A magma chamber is a large underground pool of liquid rock found beneath the surface of the Earth. The molten rock in such a chamber is under great pressure, and given enough time, that pressure can gradually fracture the rock around it creating outlets for the magma. If it finds a way to the surface, then the result will be a volcanic eruption; consequently many volcanoes are situated over magma chambers. Magma chambers are hard to detect, and most of the known ones are therefore close to the surface of the Earth, commonly between 1 km and 10 km under the surface. In geological terms this is extremely close to the surface, although in human terms it is considerably deep underground.

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Supervolcano (film) - Plot
... Management Agency (FEMA) as more and more vents open above the underlying magma chamber throughout the eruption ... At FEMA, Jock raises tension by saying that even after 2,500 cubic km of magma had come out, that it could still go on because Yellowstone has a maximum capacity of 25,000 cubic kilometers, ten times the amount ... nearly lost after 1 week of eruption the crust above the magma chamber collapses, as a result of -and therefore indicating- the decrease in pressure within the magma chamber ...
Mono–Inyo Craters - Geology - Background
... Seismic data indicate that a magma chamber with an estimated volume of 48 to 140 cubic miles (200 to 600 km3) exists 5.0 to 6.2 miles (8 to 10 km) directly below the Mono Craters ... fracture system centered on Pumice Valley west of the chamber in the last 700,000 years ... Magma feeding the domes may have exploited arc-shaped fissures around an intrusion of granitic rock deep below the chain ...
1883 Eruption Of Krakatoa - Possible Causes
... This indicates that the island subsided into an empty magma chamber at the end of the eruption sequence, rather than having been destroyed during the eruptions ... a massive series of phreatic (interaction of ground water and magma) explosions ... The seawater could have chilled the magma, causing it to crust over and producing a "pressure cooker" effect relieved only when explosive pressures were reached ...
Coldwell Complex - Formation
... It is an exposed magma chamber that formed beneath the surface causing surface swelling to occur ... Eventually, this swelling turned into an active volcano, erupting basaltic magma ... The magma then becomes trapped in the magma chamber where it settles and cools with other minerals causing the initial phases of the complex ...
Dynamics of Magma Chambers
... Magma rises through cracks from beneath the crust because it is less dense than the surrounding rock ... When the magma cannot find a path upwards it pools into a magma chamber ... As more magma rises up below it, the pressure in the chamber grows ...

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