Machine Wars

Machine Wars was a short-lived toy series in the Transformers toyline, introduced in 1997. The series was initially exclusive to KB Toys and its subsidiaries, although overstock/unsold surplus eventually appeared at other retailers.

Machine Wars was Hasbro's first attempt at returning to vehicle-formed Transformers after it had revolutionised the toyline with Beast Wars, where all toys had animal alternate modes. The Machine Wars subline lasted only for one wave of toys, which contained twelve toys - six Autobots and six Decepticons. With no TV show or comic book to back the story up, the line generated little interest and sales were so low that the line ended after the first wave. The line also seemed somewhat rushed, with most of the toys even lacking original packaging art (the Basic-sized race car mold used altered art from Generation 2 Laser Rod Jolt, the two basic jets used recycled European packaging art, Optimus Prime's art was altered from his Generation 2 Laser Rod version, and the other three boxed toys used recolored art from their original counterparts).

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