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Atchison Storage Facility - History - The Cold War
... World War II, the Army Ordnance Department suffered from a shortage of the specialized production machine tools ... These highly specialized tools were necessary to make the increasingly complex weapons used in modern battles ... following the war, the Army began to stockpile these tools to be held in reserve status to be used in the event of another national mobilization ...
South Bend Lathe Works
... South Bend Lathe is a brand of machine tools ... to the original South Bend Lathe Works, an American machine tool builder that for many decades was one of the most important builders of metalworking. 1960s, South Bend lathes were found in countless machine shops and factories, and they were also one of the most commonly used brands in vocational schools ...
Cylindrical Grinder - History
... origins of the cylindrical grinder, as with all other modern machine tools, stem from the experimentation and invention of John Wilkinson and later Henry Maudslay who built ... as to which man had first produced the machine but both are closely tied to the first historical appearance of the modern day tool ... before further improvement and refinement of the tool occurred ...
Spindle (tool)
... In machine tools, a spindle is a rotating axis of the machine, which often has a shaft at its heart ... A machine tool may have several spindles, such as the headstock and tailstock spindles on a bench lathe ... Some machine tools that specialize in high-volume mass production have a group of 4, 6, or even more main spindles ...
Backlash (engineering) - Gears - Anti-backlash Designs - Leadscrews Where Positioning and Power Are Both Important
... The linear sliding axes (machine slides) of machine tools are an example application ... Most machine slides for many decades, and many even today, were simple-but-accurate cast iron linear bearing surfaces, such as a dovetail slide or box slide, with an Acme leadscrew drive ... On manual (non-CNC) machine tools, the way that machinists compensate for the effect of backlash is to approach all precise positions using the same direction of travel ...

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    The besetting sin of able men is impatience of contradiction and of criticism. Even those who do their best to resist the temptation, yield to it almost unconsciously and become the tools of toadies and flatterers. “Authorities,” “disciples,” and “schools” are the curse of science and do more to interfere with the work of the scientific spirit than all its enemies.
    Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–95)

    The momentary charge at Balaklava, in obedience to a blundering command, proving what a perfect machine the soldier is, has, properly enough, been celebrated by a poet laureate; but the steady, and for the most part successful, charge of this man, for some years, against the legions of Slavery, in obedience to an infinitely higher command, is as much more memorable than that as an intelligent and conscientious man is superior to a machine. Do you think that that will go unsung?
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)