Macedonian Pronouns

Macedonian Pronouns

A pronoun (заменка) is a substitute for a noun or a noun phrase, or things previously mentioned or understood from the context. These are words like јас 'I', мене 'me', себе 'himself, herself', ова 'this', кој 'who, which', некој 'somebody', никој 'nobody', сите 'all', секој 'everybody'.

Macedonian pronouns decline for case ('падеж'), i.e., their function in a phrase as subject (ex. јас 'I'), direct object (него 'him'), or object of a preposition (од неа 'from her').

Based on their meaning and the function in the sentence, pronouns are fall into in the following categories:

Types of pronouns Examples
Demonstrative pronouns ова (this), тоа (that), овде (here), таму (there)
Indefinite pronouns некој (somebody), нешто (something)
Interrogative pronouns кој (who), кого/кому (whom), што (what)
Personal pronouns јас (I), ти (you), тој (he), таа (she), она (it), ние (we)
Possessive pronouns мој (my), твој (your), нејзин (her), негов (his), наш (our)
Relative pronouns кој (which), што (that), чиј (whose)
Reflexive pronoun
and reciprocal pronouns
себе (himself, herself), се (self)
Universal pronouns сите (all), секој (everybody, each), сешто (everything), секаде (everywhere)

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