Mab or MAB may refer to:

  • Queen Mab, a fairy in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and later works of English literature.
  • Mab (moon), one of the moons of Uranus, named after Queen Mab
  • Manufacture d'armes de Bayonne, a French firearms manufacturer
  • Mercado Alternativo Bursátil, Spain's alternative stock market, akin to London's Alternative Investment Market
  • Metropolitan Asylums Board - operating in London, dealing with the Poor Law
  • Mid-Atlantic Bight
  • MAB Corporation, Australian company
  • Mabuhay Gardens, a nightclub in San Francisco
  • Mozilla Address Book
  • Muslim Association of Britain, a Muslim group in the United Kingdom established in 1997
  • Programme on Man and the Biosphere, a project of UNESCO
  • Monoclonal antibody (mAb), a molecular component of the vertebrate immune system and a type of biotechnology reagent and medical therapeutic
  • Moschetto Automatico Beretta, a sub-machine gun manufactured in Italy by Beretta during World War II.
  • Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens, a Brazilian left-wing organization.
  • Middle Atlantic Bight or Mid-Atlantic Bight, an unofficial term used by oceanographers for the continental shelf region off the U.S. east coast, from Cape Hatteras, NC, to Cape Cod, MA, including Chesapeake Bay and the New York Bight
  • Michael Angelo Batio, an American guitarist
  • Miguel Ángel Burelli Rivas, a Venezuelan politician
  • Marc-André Bergeron, ice hockey defenceman
  • Marco Antonio Barrera, Mexican boxer
  • Y Mab Darogan, a figure of Welsh legend

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Small Favor - Plot Points Introduced
... The Fae Courts Harry performs one of his favors for Mab, leaving one to go ... also becomes more fully aware of the possibility that some kind of madness is affecting Mab ... Mab intimates that, should Harry refuse the mantle of the Winter Knight (or die), she may pursue Thomas instead as his replacement, stating that if he died then Thomas ...
MAB Corporation
... MAB Corporation is an integrated property company that creates, owns and manages property assets and built environments throughout Australia ... MAB Corporation is an Australian company that develops commercial, residential, retail and industrial properties ... Developments undertaken recently by MAB Corporation include the village of NewQuay in the Docklands precinct and Bundoora’s billion dollar mixed-use estate, University Hill ...
Markaby - Usage
... require 'markaby' mab = mab.html do head { title "" } body do h1 " has great deals" ul do li "$49 for a canoe" li "$3 ...
List Of The Dresden Files Characters - Faerie Courts - Summer Court - Sarissa
... Maeve's fraternal twin sister and Mab's daughter, she first appears as Harry's physical therapist to help in his rehabilitation ... She is bound to Mab, having asked of her a favor ... At the end of Cold Days, it is revealed that Mab intended for Sarissa to become the new Winter Lady after Maeve was dead ...
MAB Model A
... The MAB Model A is a 6.35 mm (.25 ACP) caliber pocket pistol made in France ... MAB stands for Manufacture d'armes de Bayonne ... MAB Model A is a single action, striker-fired, semi-automatic pistol with a blowback action ...

Famous quotes containing the word mab:

    Romeo. I dreamt a dream tonight.
    Mercutio. And so did I.
    Romeo. Well, what was yours?
    Mercutio. That dreamers often lie.
    Romeo. In bed asleep, while they do dream things true.
    Mercutio. O then I see Queen Mab hath been with you.
    She is the fairies’ midwife, and she comes
    In shape no bigger than an agate stone
    On the forefinger of an alderman,
    Drawn with a team of little atomi
    Over men’s noses as they lie asleep.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)