Lyonnais Dialect - Linguistic Structure - Typology and Syntax

Typology and Syntax

  • Franco-Provençal is a synthetic language, as are Occitan and Italian. Most verbs have different endings for person, number, and tenses, making the use of the pronoun optional; thus, two grammatical functions are bound together. However, the second person singular verb form regularly requires an appropriate pronoun for distinction.
  • The standard word order for Franco-Provençal is subjectverbobject (SVO) form in a declarative sentence, for example: Vos côsâds anglès. (You speak English.), except when the object is a pronoun, in which case the word order is subject–object–verb (SOV). verb–subject–object (VSO) form is standard word order for an interrogative sentence, for example: Côsâds-vos anglès ? (Do you speak English?)

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