Lunch Lady

Lunch lady is an American slang term for a woman who cooks and serves food in a school cafeteria; the equivalent British English term is "dinner lady". In Britain, a dinner lady also patrols the school playgrounds during the lunch breaks to maintain order amongst the children. Since the 1960s, lunch ladies have sometimes been caricatured as overweight, uncaring women with hairnets, rubber gloves, glasses and moles.

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Earshot (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) - Plot Synopsis
... Xander checks the kitchen and stumbles upon the overweight lunch lady putting rat poison into the food ... The lunch lady likened the students to "vermin" always eating and never stopping ... Buffy decides that the lunch lady has lost her mind and knocks her unconscious ...
Lunch Lady - Lunch Ladies in Popular Culture
... Although not a lunch lady, Chef (Issac Hayes) from South Park is South Park Elementary's cafeteria chef ... Lunchlady Doris is a lunch lady from The Simpsons ... Adam Sandler on Saturday Night Live did a song called "Lunch Lady Land" and accompanying skit with Chris Farley dressed up as a stereotypical lunch lady ...

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    Ishmael Reed (b. 1938)

    Long as there’s lunch counters, you can always find work.
    —Mother and Aunts Of Dorothy Allison, U.S. waitresses. As quoted in Skin, ch. 2, by Dorothy Allison (1994)