Lunch Counters

Some articles on lunch counters:

Nashville Sit-ins
13 to May 10, 1960, were part of a nonviolent direct action campaign to end racial segregation at lunch counters in downtown Nashville, Tennessee ... eventually arrested for refusing to vacate store lunch counters when ordered to do so by police ... When asked if he believed the lunch counters in Nashville should be desegregated, West agreed that they should ...
Greensboro Sit-ins - Impact
... on February 9, 1960, describing the state-wide sit-ins and the resulting closures of dozens of lunch counters ... were successful in achieving the desegregation of lunch counters and other public places ... The media picked up this issue and covered it nationwide, beginning with lunch counters and spreading to other forms of public accommodation, including transport facilities, art galleries, beaches, parks ...

Famous quotes related to lunch counters:

    Long as there’s lunch counters, you can always find work.
    —Mother and Aunts Of Dorothy Allison, U.S. waitresses. As quoted in Skin, ch. 2, by Dorothy Allison (1994)