Ludvig is a Scandinavian given name, the equivalent of English Lewis or Louis, and may refer to:

In politics:

  • Anton Ludvig Alvestad, Norwegian politician for the Labour Party
  • Christian Ludvig Diriks, Norwegian Minister of Auditing and Minister of Postal Affairs
  • Christofer Rutger Ludvig Manderström, Swedish - Norwegian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
  • Fredrik Ludvig Konow, Norwegian Minister of Finance
  • Johan Ludvig, Danish Minister of state
  • Ludvig Almqvist, Swedish politician
  • Ludvig Aubert, Norwegian Minister of Justice
  • Ludvig Daae (politician), Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party
  • Ludvig Holstein-Holsteinborg, Danish politician
  • Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg, Danish politician
  • Ole Ludvig Bærøe, Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party

In literature:

  • Johan Ludvig Heiberg, Danish poet and critic
  • Johan Ludvig Runeberg, Finland-Swedish poet
  • Ludvig Bødtcher, Danish lyric poet
  • Ludvig Holberg, Danish-Norwegian writer and playwright
  • Peder Ludvig Møller, Danish literary critic

In other fields:

  • Carl Ludvig Engel, German architect
  • Ernst Ludvig Ipsen, American portrait painter
  • Harald Ludvig Westergaard, Danish statistician and economist
  • Ludvig Faddeev, Russian theoretical physicist and mathematician
  • Ludvig G. Braathen, Norwegian shipping magnate and founder of the Braathens airline
  • Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen, Danish explorer
  • Ludvig Nobel, Swedish engineer, businessman and humanitarian
  • Ludvig Schytte, Danish composer, pianist, and teacher
  • Ludvig Strigeus, Swedish programmer
  • Nada Ludvig-Pečar, Croatian composer
  • Ludvig Hektoen, American pathologist
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