Lowndes High School - History - Expansion


The facility built in 1966 has undergone multiple expansions to accommodate continued growth in student population.

In 2001, 17 classrooms were added to the freshman building. In January 2002, a $5 million cafetorium was constructed which significantly expanded seating capacity over the former space. The new structure also featured updated cooking and disposal technology and a full multi-purpose stage.

In 2007, a new $8 million 49,549-square-foot (4,603.3 m2) gymnasium was completed. The former gym, built in 1966, seated approximately 1,600, while the new facility seats approximately 3,056. The building also contains five classrooms, locker rooms, and coaches offices. The project was funded through SPLOST II and Manley Spangler Smith Architects was the firm that designed the gym.

Along with the gym, in 2007 a new main road entrance to the school was opened on Norman Drive, along with a new front parking lot, and office entrance. The old entrance on St. Augustine Road was closed due to congestion but is still used for large events. JCI Construction of Moultrie built the gym and Rountree Construction of Valdosta built the new entrance on Norman and the new parking lot and portico.

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