Louise Firouz

Louise Firouz was an American-born, Iranian horse breeder and researcher. As a member of the Iranian Royal family and an Iranian princess, she is known as "Iran's lady of horses".

Firouz specialized on Caspian horses and she was one of the main horse breeders in Iran. The Caspian horse is a breed of horse which was once believed to be extinct. Firouz was instrumental in reviving this species.

She died in 2008 in Gonbad. She lived more than half a century in northern Iran.

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... Louise started a second private herd in 1975, consisting of 20 mares and 3 stallions ... Firouz once again completely redeveloped a third breeding center to save the Caspian from extinction in Iran ... This herd is now owned by the Ministry of Jehad and Louise was often called upon to assist in management ...
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... Iran by the American-born breeder of Iranian horses, Louise Firouz, while searching for small ponies to be ridden by children ... Following his discovery, Firouz concluded " …. ... precedent for a horse of this size in Iran." With seven mares and six stallions, Firouz began a breeding program at her riding school in Norouzabad, with the horses she named 'Caspian' from the ...

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