Louis XVI

  • (noun): King of France from 1774 to 1792; his failure to grant reforms led to the French Revolution; he and his queen (Marie Antoinette) were guillotined (1754-1793).

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Army Of Condé
... of the First Coalition others had been formed by the Comte d'Artois (brother of King Louis XVI) and Mirabeau-Tonneau ... The army was commanded by Louis Joseph de Bourbon, Prince de Condé, the cousin of Louis XVI of France ... Among its members were Condé's grandson, the Duc d'Enghien and the two sons of Louis XVI's younger brother, the Comte d'Artois, and so the army was sometimes also called the Princes' Army ...
List Of The Rose Of Versailles Episodes - Episode Listing
... alliance with Du Barry as the Dauphin's cousin, he would become heir to the throne if Louis XVI and Antoinette were to die ... crying to get the King enraged at Antoinette and plots with Orleans to get Prince Louis killed in a hunting "accident" ... The plot fails when Louis drops the rigged gun on the ground, causing it to harmlessly explode ...
L'Opéra Of The Palace Of Versailles - Construction of The Opéra, 1765 To 1770
... At this banquet, Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette, and the dauphin received the pledge of loyalty from these guards ... The ceiling features a canvas by Louis Jean-Jacques Durameau in which Apollo and the Muses are depicted ... and the opulent setting, the Opéra was not often used during the reign of Louis XVI, largely on grounds of cost ...
Louis D'or - Louis XVI
... The Louis d'or under Louis XVI was minted between 1785–1792 and had a dimension of 23 mm, and a weight of 7.6490 g, a fineness of 0.917, and gold content of 0 ... Recto the king's head turned to the left with the motto "LVD XVI DG – FR ET NAV REX" ( "Louis XIV, by the grace of God king of France and of Navarre") ...
Château De Brest - History - Statue of Louis XVI
... In 1785, Louis XVI launched a major construction project at the castle to mark his recognition of the town ... at the town's highest point of a monumental statue of Louis ... with some emotion, the public would see a monument to Louis XVI handing privileges to Brittany and the liberty of the seas, raised on the ruins of a building dedicated to this Caesar who ...

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