Lord of The Harvest

Lord of the Harvest is a 1993 album by Bootsy Collins under the alias Zillatron (a.k.a. Fuzzface) and was produced by Collins and Bill Laswell. Musically, the album represents a funk/metal hybrid that is darker in tone than previous Bootsy Collins albums. The album was released as part of Bill Laswell's Black Arc Series. Lord of the Harvest is dedicated to the memory of Parliament-Funkadelic lead guitarist Eddie Hazel who died some months earlier in December 1992.

The album was released by the Polystar label in Japan and by Rykodisc in the United States. A remastered version of Lord of the Harvest was reissued in 2003 by Laswell's Innerhythmic label.

Some early copies of the album have the first two tracks combined as one.

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