Loddon Valley Highway - Major Intersections and Towns

Major Intersections and Towns

Loddon Valley Highway
Northbound Distance to
Distance to
End Loddon Valley Highway
continues as Murray Valley Highway
to Kerang / Swan Hill
3 275 Start Loddon Valley Highway
from Murray Valley Highway
Cohuna, Echuca
Murray Valley Highway
continues as 44 234 Pyramid Hill, Cohuna
Boort-Pyramid Road
Pyramid Hill, Cohuna
Boort-Pyramid Road
duplexes with
duplexes with 46 232 Boort, Wycheproof
Boort-Pyramid Road
Boort, Wycheproof
Boort-Pyramid Road
continues as
Mitiamo, Echuca
Boort-Mitiamo Road
56 222 Mitiamo, Echuca
Boort-Mitiamo Road
Serpentine 79 199 Serpentine
Bridgewater On Loddon, Dunolly
Bridgewater-Serpentine Road
Bridgewater On Loddon, Dunolly
Bridgewater-Serpentine Road
Pyramid Hill
Bendigo-Pyramid Road
122.5 155.5 Eaglehawk
Eaglehawk Pyramid Hill
Bendigo-Pyramid Road
Sandhurst Road
123.5 154.5 Heathcote, Kilmore
Sandhurst Road
White Hills, Echuca
Holdsworth Road
125.2 152.8 White Hills
Holdsworth Road
Golden Square
Golden Square-Long Gully Road
126 152 Golden Square, Marong
Golden Square-Long Gully Road
Start Loddon Valley Highway
from Calder Highway
127 151 Marong, Mildura
Calder Highway
End Loddon Valley Highway
continues as Calder Highway
to Bendigo City Centre / Melbourne

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