Local Works - Playlist Centralising

Playlist Centralising

In March 2003 RadioWorks made a decision to introduce a centralised playlist onto the majority of the LocalWorks Adult Contemporary stations. The centralised playlist was introduced to create a standard in the music played on each station, this change meant that essentially all stations would play the same songs, stations were able to opt out from the centralised playlist to run specialty shows such as an "All Eighties Show." During the middle of 2004 all of the More FM stations changed to use the Centralised Playlist, this created consistency between the More FM and LocalWorks stations preparing the LocalWorks stations to be rebranded as More FM at the end of 2004. 4XO in Dunedin and Radio Dunedin did not use the centralised playlist as More FM as this would mean both stations would play the same music as More FM in Dunedin. The Easy Listening stations did not use a centralised playlist and even today with these stations being re-branded as The Breeze these stations produce their own independent playlists for local shows, outside of networked times (which are now infrequent as most Breeze stations are fully networked).

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