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Eötvös Effect - Physical Explanation - Explanation of The Cosine in The First Term - Motion Along 60 Degrees Latitude
... At 60 degrees latitude, the component that is perpendicular to the local surface (the local vertical) is half the total force. 233 + 25 = 258 m/s, which requires a centripetal force of about 0.208 newton local vertical component about 0.104 newton ... a centripetal force of about 0.135 newton local vertical component about 0.068 newton ...

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    In bourgeois society, the French and the industrial revolution transformed the authorization of political space. The political revolution put an end to the formalized hierarchy of the ancien regimé.... Concurrently, the industrial revolution subverted the social hierarchy upon which the old political space was based. It transformed the experience of society from one of vertical hierarchy to one of horizontal class stratification.
    Donald M. Lowe, U.S. historian, educator. History of Bourgeois Perception, ch. 4, University of Chicago Press (1982)

    These native villages are as unchanging as the woman in one of their stories. When she was called before a local justice he asked her age. “I have 45 years.” “But,” said the justice, “you were forty-five when you appeared before me two years ago.” “Señor Judge,” she replied proudly, drawing herself to her full height, “I am not of those who are one thing today and another tomorrow!”
    State of New Mexico, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)