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List Of Replaced Loanwords In Turkish - Lists of Replaced Loanwords - Loanwords of Persian Origin
... The Turkish word is derived from the verb ivmek, which means to hurry چاره çare çözüm solution چهره çehre yüz face چنبر çember yuvarlak circle çeşit tür kind, variety Çeşit is still in ... dörtte bir quarter Both the Persian and the Turkish expressions literally mean one in four درد dert ağrı pain Dert changed meaning and is now used as "problem" دیگر diğer öbür, öteki other دشمن düşm ... The original Persian word actually means tired همیشه hemîşe her zaman always The Persian word is no longer in use ...
Types of Seafood
... A valve is the name used for the protective shell of a bivalve, so bivalve literally means two shells ... gastropods Aquatic gastropods, also known as sea snails, are univalves which means they have a protective shell that is in a single piece ... Gastropod literally means stomach-foot, because they appear to crawl on their stomachs ...
Chinese Honorifics - Addressing or Referring To Others - The Addressee's Family Members
... Chinese Simplified Chinese Pinyin Meaning Notes 令尊 令尊 lìngzūn Your father Literally means "the beautiful and respected one" ... 令堂 令堂 lìngtáng Your mother Literally means "the beautiful and dignified one" ... 令閫 令阃 lìngkǔn Your wife Literally means "the beautiful door to the woman's room" ...
Shelem - Glossary
... Molali Koor - Literally means Blind Clergy Ali's Hand ... Jozve Khaan - Literally means Booklet reader, and refers to players who have read the booklet of Shelem ... Poisson distribution of hands - Refers to the equally distributed hands by means of their power ...
Masbate City - Facts and Figures - Barangays - Barangay Description
... Anas Anas came from the word “Dangas” which literally means bald ... Bolo is an Ilongo word which means a small variety of bamboo called Bolo Bagacay which grew abundantly in Bolo before ... It literally means a “camalig” or a nipa hut built in the area ...

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    I think the adjective “post-modernist” really means “mannerist.” Books about books is fun but frivolous.
    Angela Carter (1940–1992)

    The true critic is a scrupulous avoider of formulae; he refrains from statements which pretend to be literally true; he finds fact nowhere and approximation always.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)